Friday, March 10, 2023

Nice Surprise

I think I need a travel monitor for my laptop so I can get more done when traveling.   Of course where are most of these made? You know.

I did some hunting. SideTrack is made in Taiwan and not hideously more expensive than PRC.


  1. I've been using portable monitors both as extensions for my laptop and primary with my NUC. But I've never thought the complexity of attaching them to the laptop was worth the bother.

  2. Last time I traveled, I brought an HDMI cable with me, and hooked up my Laptop to the TV in the hotel room.

    1. Do I feel stupid. Of course every hotel TV has an HDMI port now.

    2. Of course, not all of them are accessible, and some TV's have custom software that might not let you access the input, but if you can, it can be pretty impressive. (On the other hand, I saw pictures of a placard saying that if you disconnect the TV, it can bring down the video system for the entire hotel...)