Friday, May 21, 2021

Threshold Ramp

 The floor of the telescope shed is 1" high, with a small ramp up to the floor.  Pushing or pulling the telescopes up by 1" is a slight struggle.  While the telescopes are not top heavy, it is still a bit unnerving to tilt them while negotiating that lip.  There are threshold ramps, intended to simplify wheelchair access.  This one has a 1" rise and is 43" wide.  Can anyone suggest another source for such a ramp.  Maybe not sold as a threshold ramp perhaps.  I ordered this one.  It is only 3/4" high, but it should fit on the little small ramp before the floor level.  At most there might be a fraction of an inch of gap which the casters should easily cross.  Made in USA!

1 comment:

  1. I was very satisfied with threshold ramps from this manufacturer (PVI). Very sturdy and can be screwed down if you want. We never attached it but also never had a problem with it shifting. I'm not sure they have any wider than 36 inches though. (Note: I known nothing about this specific vendor, just one I found with a picture of the PVI ramp. PVI = Prairie View Industries.)