Monday, May 3, 2021

Not to Worry, They Caught These Two Fraudulent Votes Before Counting

 4/30/21 Bucks County Courier Times:

Two Bucks County women face charges of voter fraud after authorities say they filled out mail-in ballot applications for their dead mothers in separate incidents ahead of the November election, the county District Attorney’s Office announced Friday night.

The allegations come after the Bucks County Detectives investigated 22 complaints of voter fraud and other irregularities in the presidential election that saw record voter turnout here.

While the investigation resulted in charges against the women, District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said his office found the incidents were isolated and there was no evidence of “widespread or systematic election fraud here in Bucks County.”...

According to a statement from his office, a handwriting analysis confirmed that Dooner’s mother did not sign either the application or the ballot and those documents were signed by Dooner after her mother had died.

A handwriting analysis also confirmed that Fisher’s mother did not sign and her election documents were signed by Fisher after the woman’s death, according to the DA’s Office.

Your Democrat friends will say that it was only two votes and they were caught.  How many mail-in ballots did they check?  It says they inspected 22 reports of fraud and found two.  So 9.1% of the cases they investigated were fraud.  I am sure this sort of fraud rate could not have affected the election.

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