Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Grant Duwe's book Mass Murder in the United States: A History

 While deficient in some ways (20th century only, overly reliant on the New York Times and its indices) it has a lot of interesting sociological analysis.  On p. 114:

As discussed later in Chapter 6, gun control proponents used a number of mass public shootings during the late 1980s and early 1990s... to bring about a ban on assault weapons.  Contrary to the claims noted earlier, assault weapons are used very rarely in mass killings; in fact, there were only 16 incidents that involved assault weapon use, and all of those took place since 1977....

Compared to other mass murders, incidents involving assault weapons have, on average, about one more fatality (see Table 15). The biggest difference, though, is not the number of fatalities, but the number of victims wounded.  Table 15 indicates, for example, that assault weapon massacres produce twice as many wounded victims as other mass killings, or roughly four more wounded victims per incident.  It is important to point out, however, that 11 of the 16 cases (69 percent) involved offenders who were armed with other, non-assault weapon guns.  Moreover, it was unclear in eight of these cases whether the offender used an assault weapon.
You might find it interesting, and I love to see serious scholarly work actually purchased and read.


  1. One thing about using the New York Times as the source is that among the Leftists that newspaper is not Fox or some other "contaminated" source and should be more acceptable to Leftists.
    Assuming they can follow the argument and evidence long enough to understand the conclusion.

    1. But for most of that period 1900-99, the Times was profoundly unwoke. And that crowd is not strong this math thing anyway.