Friday, May 28, 2021

Remember All the Bad Things That Would Happen if School Staff Could Be Armed?

Teachers so irrational that they would shoot badly behaved students?  (Well, perhaps if they are teaching CRT; there might be a point about irrational teachers.)  Students taking a teacher's gun?  Instead, I am aware of one chemistry professor at Idaho State University who shot himself in the leg without drawing his gun.  (Pocket pistol is a size; keep it entirely enclosed in a holster to avoid keys in the trigger guard.  An elementary school teacher in Utah who shot her toilet while she was sitting on it.)  And this:

 5/27/21 KMOV4:

OGDEN, Utah (AP/Meredith) — An armed school employee in Utah held off an attempted kidnapping suspect at gunpoint until officers arrived, police said.

The incident occurred Tuesday when a man grabbed an 11-year-old girl at Lincoln Elementary School's playground in Ogden. Police say he tried to pull her away until the school employee demanded he leave.

The man let the girl go and the employee took all the children inside, then produced a gun and held the man off when he punched a window in an apparent attempt to force his way inside, police said.

The worker called 911 and the man was arrested on suspicion of attempted child kidnapping. Police say the employee has a concealed-weapons permit and possessed the gun lawfully.

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