Saturday, May 22, 2021

If You Are a Robin, This is a Bad Idea

Build a nest on a low branch in a yard with two bird dogs.  My wife fenced the dogs away from the tree, she thought, but Rosie managed to get under or over the fence and killed three of the four.  My wife, like most women, has a powerful protective instinct for small helpless creatures.   This is why screaming infants with colic survive. 

Worse than we thought.  They were fledglings; their first flights only reached Springer Spaniel mouth level.

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  1. My springer caught (and killed) two robin fledglings from the backyard this year two weeks ago. The first required a few smacks on the head with a broom to get him to drop it. The second he killed, came to the door, gave a happy bow wowwww, and then ran to the dead bird and stood over it.

    He's just a dog that likes his self-appointed job. Bird dog doing bird dog things.