Saturday, May 15, 2021


My wife and I started assembling the telescope storage shed this week with assembling individual subsections.   We had arranged to hire a friend to help us but he decided heart surgery sounded like a better way to spend his time.  

This was theoretically a 2-3 hour job.  After 3 hours of pre-assembly, our son came over last night and we spent four hours assembling.   We reached this stage last night.

Doors should be pretty quick to do.  At current housing prices around here...$400 a month.  Bring your own 5 gallon bucket.  Water from the hose.  Showers in the house by appointment.  

It may look small but all three telescopes will roll into it.

In the process, my wife's love for little helpless creatures came into play.  Frogs hiding behind wall panels to avoid the cat and dogs. At one point the dogs tried to climb a conifer.  Some foolish robin had built a nest with three little freshly hatched babies, so we constructed a temporary barrier to keep the dogs out of the tree.

Now that CDC has given the (mostly) all-clear signal we can invite all our friends who helped with the move over for barbecue and star party.

It is made by Suncast (in the USA!).  The instruction were clear and detailed.  In a few places part numbers were wrong, but they were not enough to prevent us from figuring out the correct parts.  Wayfair sold it to us for $999, free shipping.

It is 6'10" x 6'10" inside.  At first I feared it would need to be anchored with either bolts or cases of ammunition, but the shipping box was >300 pounds, and with 200 pounds telescopes inside, it is not going anywhere.


  1. That is a very nice looking unit. Eons ago I put together an ugly 20-gazillion-screw green and while piece of trash with almost-sliding doors. Horrible project with a horrible product. Yours is a hell of a lot nicer. Enjoy the results.

    1. It had to match the general look of the house to make my wife happy.

  2. I built a somewhat similar (slightly larger) unit in 2009 for my then-new riding mower. Only problem in all this time is the translucent roof cap deteriorating. Squirrels did a lot but the trimmers taking down the neighbors tree finished it off. Had them put on a tin replacement. Makes it slightly dimmer inside but that's it. You can expect years and years of happiness from your new shed.

    In fact, I just realized a smaller storage unit I've had since the late 1990's is Suncast and still great.

  3. A few months ago, I helped a friend assemble a shed for his aunt that's about half the size of yours. It took us (IIRC)6-8 hours total, with lots of cussing under our breath(s). And, it's really a bit of a POS, very flimsy. I'm glad to hear that your friends are still friends. :-)

  4. Not sure where you live, but 70-80 mph winds will exert a LOT of force on a surface. Just for reference - 60 mph wind exerts 17.5 lbs of force per sq ft on a vertical surface perpendicular to the wind direction. a 42 sq ft side of a shed could generate over 700 lbs of force...