Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Wow! Bad Laws Have Consequences

3/27/19 New York Times says that bigger bullets are deadlier than smaller bullets: 9mm is more deadly than .22, and .45 ACP is worse than 9mm.  The clueless twits at least admit:
In the 1970s and 1980s, the guns most commonly used in crime tended to be revolvers or small, inexpensive pistols that fired .22-caliber rounds, so-called for their 0.22-inch diameter. 
But regulations meant to reduce crimes committed with these cheap, disposable guns, sometimes called “Saturday night specials,” pushed them out of gun stores. And advances in gun technology caused a new generation of weapons to hit the market — and eventually the streets. The newer guns, which started to become common in the 1990s, were semi-automatic. 
Gee, their gun control scheme did not work!  Imagine that!  Oh yes, semiautomatic pistols in the 1980s were because of "advances in gun technology."

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  1. Gollee Gee, what a surprise !!!

    Back in the '70s when the anti-gun movement started really gathering steam some of us raised the question "do you really want to force cheap semi-functional guns - those that use very low power ammuntion, that misfire, that fail to feed, that fail to eject, in other words, the real crap guns, the junk "Saturday Night Specials" - off the market to the point that criminals who gravitated to the real crap guns have to replace them with higher power fully functional guns, such as brand-name 9MMs and 45ACPs because the cheap non-functional crap is no longer available? Do you have any clue AT ALL what you're doing here with this action? Might you want to address the INDIVIDUALS who are committing the crimes instead?

    Of course they didn't, and the crap Ravens and Sterlings and Lorcons and Davises and Jennings and Brycos got replaced with Smith & Wessons, Brownings, Colts, Berettas, Glocks, etc. all of which worked each time and used higher power ammunition than .22 short or .25ACP.

    Maybe I wouldn't be as angry about it if it were just the criminals who are shooting each other. Problem is, the crims increasingly shoot Normals.

    F*****g Anti-American Liberal idiots.