Saturday, April 6, 2019

Size Matters

The sine vise that I bought a week ago is a beautiful piece of work, but I am going to have to return it.  It is just too big for the Sherline table.  I made some clamps to lock it down using the T-nut slots in the table, and they hold it pretty securely (after an unreasonable amount of work making them).  But there is not enough motion available in the Y axis to do what I need.  Turning the vise 90 degrees should have solved the problem, but the length in that direction again reveals that 3" of Y axis motion is not enough.

The item that I need to make was only to simplify and speed up making a part that I only make in small quantitIes. I suppose that I could try to make the part I need in a part not at an angle using a ball end mill, but I doubt it will be smooth enough.  I really need a mill too big for my available space. Worse, I cannot justify spending that kind of money for ScopeRoller's needs, and as a hobby, machining just is not that important.

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