Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Most Impressive Piece of Journalism That I Have Seen in a Long Time

What amazes me is that Seattle-ites insist on keeping crazy people in charge of their city government.  Local TV journalism at its finest.  Share with your friends that to make [Boise, Nashville, Denver] more like Seattle.  They focus on the drug addiction, but do mention that many of these homeless are also mentally ill.


  1. There is a solution: do what Singapore does and hang drug dealers.

  2. Clayton,

    You say that it amazes you, and then you suggest "sharing" the information to prevent repetition of the same.

    That is because you think that this situation is about a lack of knowledge, and that, correctly informed, they will rock back on their heels and say: "By gosh old boy, now I see where we went wrong".

    It is never about knowledge, or the lack thereof. It is always about will.

    The leftists who advocate these systems have the will to enforce them.

    Those who oppose them only have the will to talk about it.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Clayton.

    One of the interviewed cops said it's "Free-attle" - free food, housing, healthcare, etc., that attracts needy people.

    I've asked a question - here in Boise - that seems to make our Overlords uncomfortable: Is there any reason to think that as we do more and more to support and sustain our homeless population, more homeless people won't arrive to take advantage of our "compassion"? It seems to me like a pretty natural cause-and-effect.

  4. You're right, that was a superb video. Every local and state level politician, activist, advocate, judge, and concerned citizen in Idaho should watch it...and then those politicians should be sternly warned that we DO NOT WANT that to happen here.

    My only complaint is that the video didn't go after the city council as the proximate cause of the situation in Seattle; maybe being a non-partisan news program, and with the city being run by leftists, they felt they couldn't. But at least they gave us plenty of dots that were easy enough to connect ourselves.

  5. BFR: They only have this power because so many voters have been told that this "compassion" makes them morally superior--and most voters will not question this until it blows up in their face--like Seattle.

  6. This is cause-and-effect. You want flies, you get more with honey than with vinegar; everybody knows this but somehow drawing human riffraff is supposed to be different.

    I'm in CA. My liberal neighbors vote for all the help programs. They help the poor, the indigent, the drunks, the drug addicts, the homeless, the ̶i̶l̶l̶e̶g̶a̶l̶ ̶a̶l̶i̶e̶n̶s̶ undocumented immigrants, they hand out goods & money & fund all those programs; then they wonder why we keep getting more thefts, muggings, breakins, crime in general, and gee whiz: nobody can even leave their bicycle in front of their house anymore; who could've guessed? (Me. I could. They don't listen to me, I'm a mean old man.)

    They are forever and eternally surprised that all the honey they're laying out keeps attracting all the poisonous insects they don't like!

    Don't worry, though- "gun crime" was going up by leaps & bounds, but now they've voted to close the Del Mar Gun Show. So I'm sure that criminals won't be able to find a gun anymore, right? That's where all the crims do their shopping for guns, everybody knows that, and besides guns are nasty! "If it saves just one child...."

    I gotta get out of this place, if it's the last thing I ever do!

  7. Seattle IS dying and it's going to take the rest of the state with it eventually. My personal plan is to milk it as long as I need to before retiring and moving out of state. Too many of the locals are frequent KoolAid drinkers. One said about the video "Well I haven't see it but I heard that one of the guys featured in it said it was completely wrong because he's now living in a subsidized apartment and is trying to get off drugs." That the guy WAS filmed three years back and is STILL not a productive member of society is irrelevant, these people have lost their ever-lovin' minds. I work with a lot of very talented, committed, experienced people, but almost all of them long for the days of Obama and think we need to do more to solve homelessness and hunger, rather than drugs. The tunnel vision is so strong, I can't imagine what it will take to wake them up.