Friday, April 19, 2019

Florida Man News Stories

Hysterically funny reminders that Florida Man's descendants are the people of Idiocracy.
30 extremely bizarre Florida Man stories that prove that America is in far more trouble than we thought…

Needless to say, sometimes things don’t end well for Florida Man.

For example, one Florida Man was just killed by a rare bird when he fell down in the backyard of his own home.  The following comes from a CNN article entitled “A cassowary, a rare emu-like bird, attacks and kills Florida man, officials say”


  1. Clayton, in the interest of scholarship and learning, you MUST continue this work and publish it in book form. Civilization demands it.

  2. Not my work. I just received this in email.

  3. California man is trying to catch up:

  4. Yeah, but here's the really scary thing: The reason that we have the "Florida Man" phenomenon is that Florida doesn't have laws against reporting this stuff, the way most other states do.

    Same stupid stuff is going on nation-wide, it's just not getting reported because it's not legal to do so...

    Think about that, for a second. Trust me, you won't sleep well afterwards.

  5. I am currently reading a series of hilarious novels by one of the several Florida newspaper reporters turned novelists. This one is by Tim Dorsey. He has an amazing amount of Florida weird stories woven into his weird, funny novels.