Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The CreateSpace to KDP Conversion

Amazon discontinued their CreateSpace service a while back, saying that the conversion to the KDP platform would be easy.  Not so.  The Kindle editions moved over just fine, but you have to start from scratch on paperback editions: create a new cover, request a new ISBN, upload the text again.  Worse, many of the features of the CreateSpace platform (ordering author copies) are gone.  Why did they screw this up so badly?

Is there a competitor to CreateSpace/KDP for print books?  Obviously you won't get them onto Amazon.


  1. I turned my medical history book over to Amazon about 10 years ago. I already had it listed on Amazon as a hard cover so the transition was easy,. More recently, I decided to do a Kindle v erosion. It was a pain because I had to convert al the pdf files to Word. Plus, they had the printer's marks on them. I got it done and it seems a few copies a month.


    Kindle version.

    It's interesting that the POD version dozens;t show now. Only the Kindle and second hand hardbacks.

    I did a second book, Kindle only, about 5 years ago. That was not hard.

    <a href="> The second book. </a>

  2. I think Apple has a ebook set up. I know nothing about it.

  3. Sounds like I need to check. I have several CA books and I got March royalties ok for print.

    John Henry