Monday, April 15, 2019

The Murders Democrats Ignore

4/15/19 Philadelphia  Inquirer:
Mass shooting events in suburban settings such as Parkland, Fla., get a lot of public and political attention. They involve multiple victims shot by the same person at one location — a shattering blow to a single community.
Yet the urban toll of gun violence is much higher — and in Philadelphia, a frequent event. Shootings in the city often take place in different neighborhoods and involve different residents. But for the victims’ communities and the hospitals responsible for treating them, having multiple bullet-ridden patients come to the emergency room all at once from various locations can be as devastating as the more widely reported single-site mass shootings.
The difference?  These are black people, largely, Democrats, and these tragedies are concentrated in antigun governments.  The white voters that Democrats still need to win elections are less likely to pay attention to these inner city tragedies.  And the mass media ignore anything that fails to push their current favorite gun control agenda: banning rifles, one of the least commonly used firearms for murders of all types.

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