Friday, January 25, 2019

Mission Impossible Questions

If Cinnamon Carter was a famous model, why would she never be recognized on the missions?  In the episode "The Photographer," the fashion photographer Soviet spy is asked to use her as a model because she left modeling, went back to school, and now is a biochemist for the Federal Security Department.  So she is not current, and Barbara Bain has just a little too much tummy to be a current fashion model even in the pre-heroin chic period.

I knew you were just sitting to know the answer to that one!


  1. While it was an enjoyable series with a memorable theme song it was often far fetched (much better than the Cruse movies). The disguises were often a bit much. The budget of the show meant supposed overseas locales were always So Cal. Palm trees in Eastern European bloc countries, etc.

  2. And red tile roof stucco buildings in Eastern Europe.