Sunday, January 20, 2019

Need a Word

I need a word that implies "hidden" but actually means "imagined."

Never mind!  Dave Hardy wrote a law review article several years ago that demolished the Bogus claim.


  1. "Synonym Finder" is better than your typical thesaurus, but I'm not sure they have an online-presence. (Dead-tree media all the way.)

    Thesaurus is for English professors. "Synonym Finder" for authors.

  2. And now that our curiosity is piqued, do we get a hint about the review article or subject?

  3. Carl Bogus wrote a paper some years ago claiming the Second Amendment was written as part of keeping slaves down. His paper admits this is conjecture and he had no actual evidence, but his claim often appears in the popular press.

  4. Ah. So is that how "bogus" meaning phony or fake got into our terminology?

    Because the idea that the 2nd Amendment had anything to do with keeping slaves down is certainly a bogus idea!