Monday, January 28, 2019

Subzero Chicago

1/27/19 Chicago Tribune reports that the near record subzero weather is the result of global warming.  Remember the mantra:  record hot is final warning; record cold is global warming; nice days are global warming.


  1. I have a cousin who states that the heating of the arctic is forcing the jet stream south causing these massive cold spells within the United States. When her siblings argue with her she responds that she is married to a climatologist so she knows the truth. She also was ready with her Pink hat to protest Trump's election in 2017. Her subject in College: Public Relations and Journalism.

  2. IT ain't subzero yet.

    We were above freezing for a short time today.

    Wed may be a different thing, however.

  3. James: How many semesters of calculus and physics does that degree require?

  4. Who needs Calculus and Physics? How many Climatologists have real degrees? Do we really have scientists at the Federation of American Scientists or the Union of Concerned Scientists? When I worked at Fisker they had a guy there to educate everyone on sustainable manufacturing. He was a high school dropout!!

    When this cousin was asked to submit her argument on the jet stream to my nephew working on his PhD in Meteorology at UCLA she immediately declared he doesn't have the necessary education.