Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Almost Certainly Good News

1/22/19 Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday took up its biggest gun rights case in a nearly decade, agreeing to hear a challenge backed by the influential National Rifle Association lobby group to New York City’s strict limits on handgun owners transporting their firearms outside of the home.
Now, do not get too excited.  New York City's premises license for handguns allow you to have one in your home or business but you are only  allowed to transport to and from one of the seven shooting ranges in the city.  Even transporting the unloaded instrument of evil outside the city or state is unlawful.  This case challenges this insanely restrictive law. 

The good news: granting cert means at least four justices expect a positive result.  That means that they believe (probably with good reason) they will have a fifth justice join them.  While striking down the New York City ordinance is by itself not all that much of a win for gun rights, the decision may provide much needed guidance and tongue lashing for the courts of appeal, who have repeatedly pretended DC v. Heller (2008) did not happen.

For those of you still sticking pins in your Justice Kavanaugh voodoo dolls: this is likely fruit of that confirmation.


  1. Only until the left again reminds the chief justice of the same thing that they reminded him of during the Obamacare debacle.

  2. Kavanaugh worries me, though. He looks like a squish and his beating that he took from the left seems to have left him wounded.

    Maybe he jus just laying low for a eat to let things cool off.

  3. Michael: I suspect that he and Thomas are already preparing their judicial Molotov cocktails for the fine folks that tried to Bork both of them.