Friday, January 4, 2019

Why Terrorism is A Poor Reason for Gun Control

Bridget Johnson at PJMedia reports:
A Spanish-language ISIS directive circulated just a week after the U.S. consulate in Barcelona warned of a possible attack urges would-be jihadists to "choose a place very busy and full of disbelief" for a vehicle attack.
"Trust in Allah, you do not need to complicate... you do not need to look for materials to make a bomb, nor look for weapons, you do not need any of that, the technique of the run-over is devastating and simple, nobody can detect you," said the message, which included the image of a passenger van with an ISIS flag on the door and a license plate reading "Islamic State."
"With weapons and explosives there are usually arrests of some brothers while looking for it, and that is because the kufar [disbelivers] control the weapons and materials of explosion, but Alhamdulillah, there is no control over the vehicles, and a vehicle is equally powerful or even more than a bomb," continued the message from ISIS supporters conducting online media ops. "The brother of France (Nice) managed to annihilate more than 80 kufar with only a truck. Akhi [brother], rent a large vehicle or truck and choose a place very busy and full of disbelief."
"When attack[ing] remember that the first moment is the most important, and this is because when you start to run over the other people understand that it is an attack and hide so you must try to hit with all the force at the first moment and with the goal of getting the most deaths possible. Think that this road has no return, you will not go back, think that when you leave your house for the attack you will return to your home but in your house in paradise, where Allah has prepared it for you, Alhamdudillah."
We obviously need background checks and waiting periods for vehicle rentals.


  1. The motor vehicle IS considered a lethal weapon by the courts. That's how they get to transfer intent when someone drives drunk, even if no one is injured.

  2. "but in your house in paradise, where Allah has prepared it for you"
    And Leftists are always condemning Christianity for promising people "Pie in the sky by and by when you die."