Monday, August 29, 2016

Two Pretty Awesome Films

Jane Got a Gun (2016) produced by and starring Natalie Portman.  A Western revenge drama.  Jane also got some dynamite, some Molotov cocktails, and a Union Army sniper, just to even the odds.  Am I surprised I didn't hear of it on theatrical release?

War in Winter (2008) is about German occupation of the Netherlands and resistance fighters helping a RAF pilot escape.  I suspect entirely fictional, but powerful.  My junior high German teacher was a Dutchwoman who forged documents for the Dutch Resistance.  Of course, it was easy because the local German military commander supplied the Resistance with blank identity forms.

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  1. An incident in the Nazi occupied Netherlands related by an eyewitness in US basic training camp started Neal Knox on his RKBA path. Seems the head of a household couldn't produce a pistol government records said he had, so the entire family was dragged to the village square and machine gunned.