Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Nerve of the Texas Legislature

They think because they own and fund the University of Texas, they can pass laws that regulate behavior there.  8/22/16 Texas Tribune:
A federal judge has denied three University of Texas at Austin professors’ initial attempt to keep guns out of their classrooms under the state’s campus carry law.
U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that the professors, who had sought a preliminary injunction to block implementation of the law, had failed to establish their likelihood for success. UT students resume classes on Wednesday, and the professors' case will continue to work its way through the court while the law remains in effect. 
The professors, Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore and Mia Carter, filed their lawsuit against the university and the attorney general’s office. In the suit, the professors said the possibility of guns on campus could stifle class discussion in their courses, which touch on emotional issues like gay rights and abortion. They argued that was a violation of students' First Amendment right to free speech.
Earlier this month, after the case had a preliminary hearing in federal court, lawyers for the state asked that the suit be thrown out. UT-Austin joined the state, suggesting that the "incidental impact" on free speech does not violate the First Amendment.
UPDATE: It gets worse. 8/23/16 Texas Tribune:
Students, alumni and spectators eagerly snatched up more than 4,500 donated dildos Tuesday evening at the University of Texas at Austin, preparing to assuage their frustration over a new state law allowing handguns to be carried on public university campuses.
Cocks Not Glocks, a protest group formed last fall, is urging students and others to openly carry the sex toys around campus, offering a multicolored counterpoint to the concealed weapons that holders of handgun licenses can now legally carry inside UT classrooms and most buildings.
“We want these dildos on backpacks as long as there are concealed handguns in backpacks,” said Ana López, a UT sophomore and one of the Cocks Not Glocks organizers.
Tuesday night’s distribution — which featured dildo juggling and the sale of t-shirts with slogans such as "Take It and Come" — was a prelude to an anti-campus carry rally planned for Wednesday, the semester's first full day of classes.
“We want to make sure that students don’t just go home and take these [sex toys] as a joke,” López said.
How juvenile; comparing a tool of self-defense to a sex toy.

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  1. Be careful Clayton: if you laugh at their pretentions, they'll use those dildoes right there in front of you! That'll show you, won't it! LOL.

    (I often wonder what color the sky is in the imaginary world these snowflakes live in, don't you?)