Thursday, August 18, 2016

Maybe He Really Is With Us?

8/18/16 U.K. Daily Mail:
Early reviews are that Trump was right on target when he aimed and fired.
'He fired several shots. I saw two for-sure bullseyes. At the distance we were I couldn’t tell you there wasn’t more,' Ron 'Duck' Wyatt, the mayor of nearby Troutman told 

'It was excellent marksmanship,' the former firearms instructor for police and civilians added.
Iredell County sheriff Darren Campbell vouched for Trump's skills while introducing the mogul to a supportive crowd of police officers. 'I gotta say this man can shoot,' he said....
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on FacebookSheriff Campbell told reporters Trump shot an M-4 at the rural range, off a gravel road near Lake Norman, where Trump mentioned he owns property.

'I can tell you he shot quite well. He did a good. He is obviously proficient. It showed,' Campbell told afterward.

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I am imagining Hildabeast trying this akin to Gov. Dukakis' famouse ad with him riding a tank.   But there would be no survivors.


  1. I left a comment about Trump at SaysUncle:

    #38: It lists a few articles by Michael Bane, and one of his own comments to someone complaining about Trump.

    He's been saying good things about Trump and his family.

  2. Amazing quote from the aforementioned page:
    "The five-shot rifle, thats a standard military rifle; the problem is if you attach a clip to it so it can fire more shells and if you remove the pin so that it becomes an automatic weapon, and those are independent criminal offenses, Weld said. That is when they become, essentially, a weapon of mass destruction. The problem with handguns probably is even worse than the problem of the AR15."

    I knew Weld was a weasel when she was governor of Massachusetts (though certainly better than his Democratic rivals), but this even surprised me. What have Libertarians come to?

    More to the point about Trump's shooting and whether he really is with us, I only became a Trump supporter when Cruz threw in the towel. I certainly don't agree with everything he says, but I have become more and more comfortable with him as the days go on. Not just because President Hildebeast is such a distasteful disaster (as opposed to other types of disasters). For all of Trumps inartful to plain distasteful comments, he has also said a lot of things that nobody else was going to say but badly needed to be said. His list of potential Supreme Court Justices is enough to make me very comfortable with him. I won't be needing a clothespin this November.