Monday, August 29, 2016

Anglican Church Getting Ready to Split?

8/28/16 Telegraph:
A group of parishes is preparing what could be the first step towards a formal split in the Church of England over issues such as homosexuality, with the creation of a new “shadow synod” vowing to uphold traditional teaching.
Representatives of almost a dozen congregations in the Home Counties are due to gather in a church hall in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, later this week for the first session of what they say could eventually develop into an alternative Anglican church in England.
Organisers, drawn from the conservative evangelical wing of Anglicanism, say they have no immediate plans to break away - but are setting up the “embryonic” structures that could be used to do so if the established church moves further in what they see as a liberal direction.
I've never been terribly impressed with the Anglican Church's commitment to Biblical Christianity, and as the worldwide Anglican Church has to choose between the Bible and today's latest fad, I suspect these rebels are going to find common organization with the many Third World Anglican churches that are scratching their heads at the home nation church.


  1. It's also why a lot of Anglicans are joining the Catholic Church, including entire congregations.

  2. Years ago, when Anglicans were debating women bishops, some wag noted the bewildering variety of beliefs held by nominally Anglican parishes and remarked: "No man alive can say with confidence that he is not Anglican."