Monday, August 22, 2016

More Evidence States Should Be Reducing Funding to State Universities Until Adults Take Over

So absurd that I went to West Virginia University's website to verify it is real:

Yes, using the non-PC pronoun around the transgendered is now a Title IX violation.


  1. Link not working. Says hotlinking not allowed.

  2. [sarc]I propose removing the masculine, and always using a blend of the third-person feminine and third-person neutral.

    Something along the lines of ""

  3. I like that one, SJ!

    "" happens, don't it! LOL!

  4. Glen or Glenda maybe? (Yes this PC bull sh*t is like an Ed Wood movie--saying bad would be redundant).

    Here's goes science education:

    Hamilton College Introduces New Diversity Requirement

    I guess I would be flunked or expelled because I would fight like hell if this was required at my school.

  5. When does the word "lesbian" get abolished in the name of degenderization?

  6. Even Ayn Rand didn't think this far when she wrote "Anthem", a stretched-out short story about a world so completely socialist the first person singular pronouns were forgotten.
    But it's more like Heinlein's "Crazy Years are less fictitious than they seemed when he wrote about them.

  7. Windy: Ayn Rand: Anthem. Awesome. One of the most powerful sci-fi novellas ever.