Friday, August 19, 2016

Path to Windows 7 Libraries?

I use xcopy to backup the contents of my Libraries, so I need a command line path to the various Libraries.  There are hundreds of answers on the Web, all wrong.  This should be easy.

Alternatively is there a backup program that keeps the files you backed up visible on your backup drive through Windows Explorer?

Windows 7 backup/restore do what I need, just very slowly.


  1. I don't know of a programmatic way to find this information, but if you right-click on the library in Explorer and choose Properties, you'll get a dialog that shows you all the directories in the library.

  2. Rick C: It shows paths that are empty from cmd.

  3. Guess I'm not sure what you mean, Clayton. I added c:\temp to my Documents library, then I right-clicked on the Documents library in Explorer and chose Properties. Then I got this:

    notice it shows the temp folder, and also "documents"--the first one, of course, is c:\users\rick\documents, so I know the full path of both directories in the library.

  4. Properties shows me that My Documents is in C:\Users\clayton but most of the files in My Documents are not in C:\Users\clayton.

  5. Oh. No, "My Documents" is c:\users\clayton\documents by convention.

  6. %userprofile%\My Videos %userprofile%\Documents etc.

    You can access this list of system variables by opening cmd prompt and typing the cmd set and hit enter.