Monday, August 1, 2016

John Lott's New Book

The War on Guns is coming out shortly.  Very impressed so far as I read through it.  He has a chapter about how academics who have published papers on gun-related issues generally believe gun ownership reduces crime; about the "NRA shut off research on gun control" myth; how gun control groups try to shut off debate by refusing to appear on programs if Dr. Lott will be there; how the gun control groups fund efforts to influence how reporters cover the subject; how the Superbowl refused ads from our side while running gun control ads; how gun self-defense incidents are largely ignored by national news media;.  Subsequent chapters detail the failures of "conmonsense gun control laws" to do anything useful.

Let me emphasize: while very detailed and full of useful data, it is a lively read unlike many scholarly works that others have published.

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