Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dash Cam

I have been thinking of getting one. This looks reasonable:

Not because I am worried about accidents but because I love producing stuff like this:

I used to mount my antique Sony video camera on an adapter that I made that screwed into one of the Corvette's T-top connectors.  The Corvette is gone and converting analog video to digital is absurdly slow.


  1. I have used Garmin for decades.

    They have good quality, Costco has good product support and pricing.

    Here is the NuviCam:

  2. Russian insurance requires dashcams for coverage, due to rampant fraud. Very entertaining videos they post over there! Bizarre crashes. Even aircraft crashes and meteorites.
    I'm guessing that a good portion of the drivers are under the influence of alcohol. And the pedestrians!

  3. What cameras are you looking at? I've been thinking about the Gopro, it seemed that it's apparent modularity make it useful in many different applications, but I'm open to other opinions and other brands.