Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Trusting Software Engineers With Screwdrivers

My uninterruptible power supply, a CPS425SL, stopping powering the battery backup outlets.  My need for this is less now that I have a notebook, not a desktop, but still it's nice to have.  The CyberPower website indicated the backup battery was probably worn out, a real possibility here in theland without reliable power.  So I ordered a replacement from Amazon for $20, and installed it.  I had one little problem during reassembly, but an American in Minnesota answered CyberPower's Tech Support line and walked me through it.

Whatever the problem was has returned.  Throw it and the almost new battery away.

I really don't need UPS; just another surge protector with 8 outlets.  It looks like failure happens when I turn on the USB hub and draw a bit more power, so not the battery, I guess.  You EEs feel free to correct me.


  1. I did the same thing with one of those battery booster/air compressors you can put in the trunk of your car. It worked out and I did not shock myself or electrocute anyone. I guess lawyers with screwdrivers are on par with software engineers with screwdrivers

  2. We're not that dangerous with screwdrivers.

    Soldering irons, that's where trouble lies.

    (I say this as a programmer who just finished assembling an Arduino-based project to make his truck go into Tow/Haul mode automatically when started rather than manually...)

  3. Gee...I guess the next time I buy a SLA battery for my UPS or jump starter I look on Amazon. I could have sworn the last time I looked the batteries weren't that much cheaper than just buying local. Local has been ~2 to 2.5 x as much as that!