Friday, May 20, 2016

Fully Threaded Stud Question

I make some use of fully threaded studs for one of ScopeRoller's products.  Turning into a threaded hole is a struggle because they don't have a head.  Usually fully thread studs are flat on each end.  I bought a batch a while back that had a hole for an Allen wrench, which of course greatly simplifies turning these in without damaging the threads.

Can't get a sharp focus this close with a webcam.

Is there a special name for this type of stud with an Allen head end?

UPDATE: The vendor MSC Industrial indicates no special name for it.  Disappointed to see that a larger version M8x1.25 that arrived today are conventional.


  1. Sounds like what you are talking about is just a standard setscrew. Longer than normally used for holding a gear or the like but a setscrew all the same.

    John Henry

  2. Would use of a cap-nut simplify installation? I can envision just glueing a cap-nut into an appropriate size driver socket to make a stud-insertion tool.

  3. "stud allen drive" seems to be the search term that brings some up for me


  5. Yes it is just a long set screw. Stud Allen drive: thanks.

  6. Simplest solution: double nut the top end of the stud. Lock them tightly together, then turn the stud down to tight, then break the nuts loose from each other and unthread.