Thursday, May 26, 2016

Alien Gear Holsters

I mentioned a few days ago that I had received Alien Gear's modular holster with exterior shells for both Browning Hi-Power and Colt Mustang.  I posted ny comments about the Hi-Power holster and promised to post about the Mustang holster in a day or two.  When I replaced the Hi-Power shell with the Mustang, I discovered that I had the shell for right-hand carry.  Because of how securely the holster holds the gun, I could have used it with the gun upside down.  (Not recommended, unless you have a hobbit living in your boot to provide low covering fire.)  Alien Gear beamed me down the correct shell today.  (They are an Idaho company.)  Easy mistake to make because you are looking at a mirror image for left/right.  The correct shell having arrived, I tried it on.  All the good things about the Hi-Power holster apply here as well.  Good retention makes a safety strap unneeded.  While it still feels a bit bulky, it conceals under my leather coat just fine, and there is no danger of losing the gun except if falling down a very steep hill.  The matter of putting it on and off a belt is if anything less of a struggle with a smaller pistol in it.

Both packages also included instruction sheet explaining how to use the screw and washer set to adjust retention; although for the Hi-Power and Mustang they work perfectly.  Also adjustments for rake.

Looking more carefuuly at the Hi-Power shell interior, I see how theyget such a tight fit: the mold is from a Hi-Power.  You can see the lettering from the side of the slide.

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