Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sanders' America

Sanders talks about socialism, but Venezuela is what it will look like:
THE army has moved in, Coca-Cola has stopped production and inflation is expected to hit 500 per cent.Venezuela’s economic crisis has ratcheted up a gear in the last week after President Nicholas Maduro deployed the army to strategic areas for two days of “war games” designed as a show of strength to a population increasingly pitted against him.
The drastic escalation follows a major deterioration in the country’s finances that have seen widespread shortages of food, basic goods and power cuts, fuelled by years of economic mismanagement and corruption that have seen unemployment skyrocket to 17 per cent as the oil price has plummeted.
University College London’s leadership professor Marco Aponte-Moreno, who was born and raised in Caracas, told news.com.au the past few days had seen the stakes raised for both corrupt officials and those dying from lack of food and medicine in his home country.
“The stakes are very high [for the government] if they lose power,” he said, adding that many involved in illegal activities could be charged and taken to trial.
A generation of Americans love Sanders because they aren't learning the lessons of history. 

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