Saturday, May 7, 2016

These Will Be Your Masters in a Few Years

The editorial board of The California Aggie—the University of California-Davis's student newspaper—has a message for people who want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by donning sombreros and doing tequila shots: don't. It's cultural appropriation.
"A sombrero is not a fashion accessory and neither is a culture," wrote the students.
"There are other days of the year to get blackout drunk. Cinco de Mayo is not one of them." 


  1. Cultural appropriation is what happens when cultures are at peace with each other. Who appropriates more culture from the US - Japan or Saudi Arabia? With which culture do we have friendlier relations? Which one has a comics and TV/film animation industry with vast Western influences?

    The left increasingly spits on the things that spread peace and worship the things that spread unrest.

  2. Unrest brings votes and support for their poisonous beliefs.

    And, other days to get blackout drunk? St. Patrick's Day, perhaps? My Paralegal never missed a day of work except whatever work day followed St. Patrick's Day -- and she was Hispanic.
    But then that was twenty years ago, and she didn't complain about cultural appropriation.
    St. Patrick's Day is relatively solemn in Ireland, so any drinking is unwarranted cultural appropriation, like anyone will listen.
    Oh, that doesn't matter, the Irish will accept anything.

  3. If it's cultural appropriation they are concerned about, maybe people should break out the Leprechaun outfits on Cinco De Mayo. Not that the Social Justice Whiners would realize the insult.