Saturday, May 14, 2016

Everyone Needs A Pet?

I mentioned a while back my wife's irrational desire for a pet bison.  A reader sent me this:
Meet Bullet, a 1,000-pound housebroken bison.
Her owner, Karen Schoeve, of Argyle, Texas, is looking to sell her.
"I just think she deserves better -- better space, bigger grassland," Schoeve told local ABC affiliate WFAA while fighting back tears about the decision. "I just think it's best for her."
Bullet, interestingly enough, loves being indoors.
"When she is hot and sweaty, she'll come in and lay on the couch," Schoeve said. "No, I'm kidding -- kind of. I mean, she comes in the house."...
The 8-year-old bison is quite domesticated and ladylike despite her large stature.
"She watches the fish tank for a while,” her owner told the station. “She doesn't mess up a thing, and walks around very neatly like she belongs in the house. She has never gone to the bathroom [in the house], either."
I remember when it was raining cats and dogs in Boise, our dof Biscuit would sometimes stand at the door and whine about having to go outside to relieve herself.  So I would encourage her outside with my foot.  Not so easy with Bullet, I fear.

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  1. This reminds me of an item from "The Pet Department" by James Thuuber.

    "Q. How would you feel if every time you looked up from your work or anything, there was a horse peering at you from behind something? He prowls about the house at all hours of the day and night. Doesn't seem worried about anything, merely wakeful. What should I do to discourage him?

    A. The horse is probably sad. Changing the flowered decorations of your home to something less like open meadows might discourage him, but then I doubt whether it is a good idea to discourage a sad horse. In any case speak to him quietly when he turns up from behind things. Leaping at a horse and crying "Roogie, roogie!" or "Whoosh!" would only result in breakage and bedlam. Of course you might finally get used to having him around, if the house is big enough for both of you."