Wednesday, May 4, 2016

There Are Limits to What Big Money Can Do

Gateway Pundit reports that #NeverTrump spent more than $75 million trying and failing.  Amazing what the Billionaires for Cheap Labor spent to try and keep labor costs low.


  1. Anyone who thinks Trump will actually check illegal immigration or "legal" guestworkers is a sucker.

    Trump himself brought in hundreds of low-wage H-1A workers to staff his Mar-A-Lago billionaires' resort (while rejecting American applicants). He also used the H-1B program to import foreign women for his modeling agency - and paid them dregs.

    I put $4 on Powerball the other day. I haven't checked to see if I've won; if I did I'll spend the entire $300M to get Trump out.

  2. Put them in charge of the US budget!