Sunday, May 15, 2016


I dropped off my HP 1536dnf for repair a couple weeks back; the document feeder stopped working.  Now the guy supposedly fixing it is not responding to voicemail.  If he can't fix it, fine, I need my printer back.  I have not identified him or his company name yet, but if I don't an answer shortly, I will.  Michael Lee eFixPro.  More than a week of non-response to voicemail and email.  I fear that I may have to buy a new MFP, because this guy won't return my printer or calls.  Finally got in touch; he expects to be done today.  Replacing the feeder motor is more than buying a new HP MFP.  At least the printer still works.

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  1. Printers are now: "Give them the printer and sell them the ink." But as a former HP employee, you knew that. Unless you have a lifetime supply of the ink just buy a replacement. If you can find one that uses the same ink get it.