Wednesday, June 17, 2015

T4 Updated

I have always understood and slight sympathy for the physician-assisted suicide argument: but this item from the June 11, 2015 Guardian (not at all a Christian or right-wing paper) makes me think of the Nazis' T4 program:
Thousands of elderly people have been killed by their own GPs without ever asking to die under Belgium’s euthanasia laws, an academic report said yesterday.
It said that around one in every 60 deaths of a patient under GP care involves someone who has not requested euthanasia.

Half of the patients killed without giving their consent were over the age of 80, the study found, and two thirds of them were in hospital and were not suffering from a terminal disease such as cancer.


  1. I am completely against physician assisted suicide. Doctors have shown time and time again they are more interested in running the lives of patients rather than just assisting and advising them. Look at the current hyper-politicized doctor's organizations. Combine that with progressive government wanting to take over medicine and also wanting to save money. Yeah, thanks, but no.

  2. So Belgium's medical profession is riddled with murderers?

    Probably serial murderers since I suspect the actual number of physicians killing their patients is less than the number of patients who have been killed. No proof of that but....

    What are we to make of this?

  3. Perhaps doctors who think they are doing the right thing for elderly patients they don't think would be able to answer the question.

  4. Maybe I'm cynical Clayton but I believe you need to finish the thought in your reply.

    "...they don't think would be able to answer the question with the right answer."

    If you're going to play at being a god, you already know the "right" answer.