Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Only Good Thing About Antique PCs

As long as parts are available, they are generally cheap.  I am using an antique Compaq NC600 for the LinuxCNC PC, and the original Lithium ion battery from 2003 finally stopped holding a charge.  The replacement was $15.13 shipped.


  1. long as the power supplied by the charger doesn't drop out unexpectedly when the charger-cord wiggles.

    And as long as the battery manager that is built in can recognize that the battery has charge, so that the laptop doesn't unceremoniously shut off when the charger-cord wiggles, and the charger-power supply flickers off.

    (This combination of factors happened to me on an old ThinkPad. If one of these two factors had not been in place, I would be still using the ThinkPad in one form or another.)

  2. So far the new battery is holding charge just fine.