Monday, June 8, 2015

Anyone Have Experience With These Polllen Filters

here The pollen situation is that bad.


  1. I cannot envision walking around with something stuck in my nose.

    I would do this:

  2. I found Flonase, which is available OTC now, to be wonderful at keeping me clear. Unfortunately for me, one of the side effects is headaches, and I eventually stopped taking it because I got tired of waking up with a headache every other morning. Maybe you wouldn't have that problem.

  3. I use them, living in Austin which has bad tree pollen and mold. They work very well, are easy to get used to, and are unobtrusive. They have made the difference between staying indoors and walking outside during pollen season.

  4. Assuming you only need them when outside (can't imagine otherwise) how about a NIOSH N95 rated filter? Like you see in Asian countries to keep the flu from spreading. Search for niosh N95 filter for pollen allergy. Any hardware/home improvement section will have them. Probably the drug stores as well (though they will be pricier).

    May still need goggles to keep it out of the eye membranes as well.

    When working in the yard I wear the whole setup and it does help.

    I'm in Boise and the hay fever is making yard work unpleasant.

  5. Er, what happens when you sneeze?