Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Antarctica: A Year On The Ice

Just watched this on Netflix and I really enjoyed it.  Made by a New Zealander who works at the U.S. base on McMurdo Sound.  Full of lots of surprises, including some excerpts from the Antarctic Film Festival.

Also just watched Remote Area Medical. about a group by that name that started out providing medical care in remote parts of the Third World, and now does it in darkest Tenneesee.  It is difficult to watch this and not feel bad for people who lack medical care because there are no jobs, and no medical insurance, but there are a lot of reminders that money isn't that scarce,judged by the tattoos and piercings.  And even in Tennessee they must know that smoking causes lung cancer.  It is a discouraging reminder that democracy fails because much of the population is irrational, and you don't have to be black to be poor and trashy.  Whatever the flaws of some of those they are helping, it is a reminder that the modern equivalent of Jesus' healing ministry is modern medicine.

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  1. My wife and I watched both of those movies.Enjoyed them.
    Thanks for the recommendation.