Friday, June 26, 2015

Has Anyone Here Replaced The Trigger on An AR-15?

It looks pretty simple.  I was in Sawtooth Tactical yesterday, and they had an impressive AR-15 trigger that uses needle bearings to produce a beautifully light crisp trigger.


  1. It's pretty simple to remove, the installation of the new varies by the replacement design. I like the Gissele myself

  2. I've replaced a couple of mine. I prefer the Timneys, they're pricey but they're also quite literally "drop-in" designs (and smooth as butter). YouTube (try Sootch00) has a plethora of thorough, easy-to-follow step-by-steps on how to do it, pretty much regardless of your chosen replacement design. At least, until the newly proposed ITAR censorship effectively bans all such videos.

  3. Clayton,

    Been using AR's since 1970.

    This is the best one I have used bar none.