Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Pope IIs Preaching Global Warming

As Instapundit points out:
They told me if I voted Republican, America would wind up taking scientific dictation from religious leaders. And they were right!
Remjember when the Church was the symbol of scientific ignorance to the left


  1. Why all the focus on the Pope's opinion on global warming? It's like two paragraphs out of 200 pages? (And most people pontificating haven't even read it.) It's much ado about nothing. The left is celebrating and choosing to ignore all the other things he wrote, like about the difference and uniqueness of male and female. See for more.

  2. Woo-woo attracts woo-woo.

    I have a hard time accepting scientific judgement from someone who preaches transubstantiation with a straight face.

  3. He is fundamentally a preacher of liberation theology, and like all of those, fundamentally a Marxist.