Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why This Tragedy in South Carolina Is Going To Hurt Gun Rights

The average white American feels enormous guilt about slavery and racism (part of why whites voted for Obama so strongly).  This nut case can make them all feel guilty again.  Worse the gun was a birthday gift.

UPDATE:   The good news.  The gun was not a gift.
One key part of this horrific scheme -- the weapon -- came in April, when Roof bought a .45-caliber handgun at a Charleston gun store, the two law enforcement officials told Perez and Bruer from CNN, the first network to report this development. His grandfather says that Roof was given "birthday money" and that the family didn't know what Roof did with it.
So background check was done.  Also he told police his goal was to start a race war.  Sort of a progressive, I guess.  Certainly he and Obama have similar goals.


  1. I don't agree. What you say was "worse" is actually a test case which cannot be ignored.

    All current laws allow the unregulated ("unregistered") transfer of firearms between family members. Any attempt to regulate the "grandfather" law would meet with such outrage that the regulators would be revealed as out-of-control fanatics.

    In truth, this tragedy shows that any attempt to resolve a societal ill by passing new laws is bound to fail.

    The problem isn't the gun; the problem is society. This will not be an issue which can be resolved by declaring "Thou Shalt Not".

    It renders the legislature, and their attempts to solve gun-abuse problems by fiat .. obviously powerless.

    The only possible solution (note that I don't say "feasible solution" is to address the societal ills which plague humanity.

    And that's a bigger problem than any nation can successfully address.

    There are the two-percenters, those who don't 'get the word' or who are so warped that no efforts to identify or defend against, in ANY society.

    This 'problem' goes beyond any civilization. The only response, sadly, is probably to accept that they will always be with us. The best we can do is to remove the limelight from their efforts to achieve notoriety.

    This is where the First Amendment and the Second Amendment are shown to be an unresolved conflict.

  2. In this particular set of circumstances somebody impartial reviewing whether this particular individual should actually possess a weapon would have been helpful.

  3. He was under indictment, so I think the transfer was already illegal.