Friday, June 12, 2015

The Plus Side to Oregon's New Background Check Requirement

From June 6, 2015 The Oregonian:
Groups seeking tighter gun laws won a big victory last month in the Oregon Legislature on background checks.  But now they're losing a battle over a bill dealing with concealed handgun licenses.

The turnabout in political fortune shows that many legislators continue to pay attention to the concerns of gun owners and the powerful National Rifle Association.

The strong support for the concealed handgun license bill may also reflect the desire of many legislators to offset their support for the controversial bill on background checks by voting for something sought by guns-rights activists.

"It wouldn't surprise me" if that happened, says Rep. Bill Post, R-Keizer, chief sponsor of the concealed handgun bill. "There were some people who had to take a 'yes' vote on [background checks] and it's not going to be good for them in their districts."

Post's measure, House Bill 3093, opens the door to allowing concealed handgun licensees from many states to also carry in Oregon. Currently, at least 18 states honor Oregon licenses, potentially allowing their licensees to carry here if HB 3093 becomes law.
It would certainly be nice not to have to renew my Oregon license every few years.  It's  a long drive to Vale.

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  1. Here's hoping that they start honoring Arizona CCW permits, so I don't have to disarm when I visit the grand-kids.