Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why Are Democrats So Big On Gun Control?

Because they know themselves.  From the May 12, 2015 Detroit Free Press:
State Sen. Virgil Smith, suspected of firing shots at his ex-wife's Mercedes-Benz early Sunday, was arraigned today on felonious assault, domestic violence and other charges in Detroit's 36th District Court.

A not guilty plea was entered by the court for Smith, who appeared in court via video. Magistrate Millicent D. Sherman set Smith's bond at $25,000, of which he has to post 10% to be released....
Smith told investigators it was the stupidest thing he had done in his life, according to police.

The shots were fired after the Detroit Democrat's ex-wife pushed her way into the house and attempted to attack another woman who was in Smith's bed, according to police. Smith told police she threw a chair at the windows of his house and he shot at her car.

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  1. Let's play "Name that party!"

    The man is described as "State Senator" in the first sentence, but "The Detroit Democrat represents Senate District 6" is in the last paragraph.

    It appears to be the first mention of his partisan affiliation.

    Though I suppose "State Senator [from Detroit]" implies Democrat to local audiences.