Saturday, May 23, 2015

things that make you look forward to a colonoscopy

Trans esophageal ultrasound.  my doctors can see two recent strokes in my MRI.  since I am not in a high-risk category they need  to figure out what are causing these.  My horse aortic valve has a growth that looks like a guitar pick (although I don't ordinarily eat those). It might be infection which means antibiotics or a clot which means drugs that dissolve clots or it might be atrial fibrillation causing the clots.

Trans esophageal ultrasound starts with three lidocaine gargle then a 2 inch tube down your throat  into  your esophagus  so they can ultrasound your heart.  It is as unpleasant as it sounds.

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  1. When I was being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation they did a trans-esophageal on me. Mine wasn't unpleasant at all - they shot in some sleepy juice and then it was later.

    After 16 months of drugs not working they finally did a catheter ablation which completely fixed the problem.