Sunday, May 17, 2015


I had heard negative reviews of Noah when it came out, so only boredom thisevening andd insomnia drove me to watch it on Netflix.  What a tremendous waste of talent.  It is visually stunning, but it is so far removed from the Biblical story as to be fraudulent to title it Noah.  Where the Old Testament story is about how man degrades into violence and sin, and God vows to destroy mankind because of it, this movie's sin is...industrialism.  Mankind has built an industrial civilization that looks more like Industrial Revolution Britain as imagined by someone with no knowledge of the period. 

Vegetarianism?  Check.  Noah lives in harmony with Mother Earth in a way that is never suggested by Genesis.  At least he doesn't have recycling bins.  The Watchers look like the stone creatures in Galaxy Quest (which was at least intentionally funny) and are again completely unrelated to the Noah story in the Bible.

What a complete waste of special effects, Russell Crowe, and Jennifer Connelly, all doing their best to take this crap seriously. Clearly, Hollywood isn't short of capital to waste.

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  1. Dr. Brian Mattson has an excellent review of the Gnostic roots of the movie Noah: