Thursday, May 7, 2015

Duke University Law School


  1. Apropos of nothing...:

  2. Thanks for posting this.

    I'm guessing students at the school handled the recording? Too bad they didn't zoom in on you and your counter during the discussion. Too small of a view of both of you. Also, I can't hear any of the questions from the audience. I assume there was no mike brought to them. But then being a law school these probably aren't media major students (communications, journalism or whatever it's called) so I'm expecting too much.

    Is this guy you debated in any way connected to the whole ridiculous pejorative of referring to 2nd amendment rights supporters as "ammo-sexuals" since he wants to link gun ownership to having smut? The anti 2nd amendment rights crowd sure loves that term. But then what can you expect from hoplophobes.

    Back to polishing and stroking my guns...HA HA!