Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Racism & Ignorance Are Acceptable From Progressives?

From My 13, 2015 Inside Higher Education:
While Grundy's tweets on race have been debated intensely, she initially stayed on the sidelines. But on Tuesday she released a statement of "regret" and a clarification of her comments that were critical of white male college students and white businesses.

Her statement came hours after Robert A. Brown, president of Boston University, where Grundy becomes an assistant professor of sociology July 1, issued a statement that was highly critical of her comments on Twitter....

Among the comments Grundy made on Twitter, one that has led people to question her fairness as an instructor said, “Why is white america [sic] so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?” Another said, “Every [Martin Luther King Jr.] week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. And every year [I] find it nearly impossible.” At the end of April, after a multitweet conversation about the uniqueness of European slavery, Grundy allegedly wrote, “in other words, deal with your white sh*t [sic], white people. Slavery is a *YALL* thing.”
Slavery is actually the natural state of human populations.  Blacks, American Indians, and Muslims have all held slaves: Muslim nations often abolished slavery only in the 1960s and 1970s.  How can someone so ignorant make it to assistant professor?


  1. One thing I really like about the 1970's Roots TV miniseries was how it showed that the slave trade relied and indeed would not have existed without the fact that Black Africans were capturing and selling other blacks to the slave traders. There is no single Black culture, religion, country or language and these peoples were at war with each other so getting rid of your enemies by selling them into slavery made sense to them.

    I to find it astonishing the level of ignorance of many college educated people about this fact. Or their Liberal bias is just too overriding that the punishment of Whites, Jews, Europeans, USA, etc overrides their acceptance of facts or reason. Of course they are mostly, if not completely, racists themselves. And I don't just mean the ones who are non-white, but the whites against both blacks and other whites. It's an insane world they live in!

    I think the minds of a few black activists were awakened when they saw Roots and realized that slavery depended on blacks selling other blacks. No longer could they just blame evil whites, jews, capitalists, imperialists, colonists, etc. Unfortunately not enough did accept that though.

  2. Her supporters claim she really isn't a racist because she doesn't have any power - only those with power can be racists.

    Well, she is a teacher and isn't that a position of power? Being black gives her an advantage in getting into college. Isn't that power?

    Of course her implications that white males should be considered a problem populations is interesting because of the black crime statistics vs white crime statistics. I guess we should not mention how when Jesse Jackson was walking alone in DC one evening heard someone walking behind him and was relieved that he was white rather than black.

    But she is an associate professor in African-American Studies so what should we expect?

  3. "How can someone so ignorant make it to assistant professor?"

    Because she hasn't yet demonstrated sufficient ignorance to be a full professor.

  4. @w Most young black folks don't even know what "Roots" was, and the information they get regarding slavery is simply commie hogwash.

    We need to realize that the KGB infiltrated US universities in the late 50s and 60s, and the result s of their infiltration is with us today: the prominent university folks we see now are the products of such indoctrination. They are largely leftists, and literally cannot distinguish truth fro fiction. This was the objective of the KGB, and the organization succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.