Monday, May 11, 2015

AK-47s Do Attract Some Less Than Desireable People

From Guns.com
Let’s just go ahead and file this one under “people I would not get into the van with”. A Mooresville, North Carolina man, 45-year old Brian Tracey Carroll, was booked on Saturday night shortly after 7:30 PM . The Rowan county man is charged with making threats and indecent exposure, that is, he threatened his neighbor with an AK-47 while naked and on a chair in his yard.

John Ault, a homeowner in Carroll’s neighborhood called the police Saturday afternoon to report Carroll was sitting in the backyard completely naked. As if that was not bad enough, Carroll was allegedly less than 30 feet away from the callers teenage daughter as she rode her horse.

When police arrived at Carroll’s home, he was still nude except for a towel around his neck. When they asked him why he was naked, he told police, “he p***** me off so I sat in that chair,” referencing his neighbor and the armchair he was sitting in and
clearing up this whole misunderstandingsounding like a total loon. After some more questions, he admitted to threatening his neighbor with an AK-47, telling him previously that he owned an AK and “knew how to use it”.


  1. Would this have been any different if he'd been brandishing a Remington 870?

  2. Less media, because an 870 is a kinder gentler weapon. :-)