Monday, February 16, 2015

Training My Jaguar

No, it doesn't look like this:

I had to train the voice recognition system to recognize my voice. It took a couple minutes, and what a difference.

Reading through the Manual and seeing what it does is impressive.  Rhonda complained that the Cadillac CTS's capabilities made her start looking for Mr. Sulu to fire main phasers.  The Jaguar is also impressive: headlights tha  that swivel as go around corners, rain sensing windshield that turns on the wipers, headlight washers that run in sync with the wipers, and it appears that not only do both front seats warm up, but the steering wheel warms when the driver's seat does.  The downside of electrically warming seats is that they are a bit too relaxing if you are driving.    I am still trying to get the HomeLink system working so that I can press buttons on the mirror to open the garage.  The instructions in the manual do not work, nor do they ma6tcvatch the instructions on the HomeLink web site.


  1. How new is your garage door opener? They rolled out some kind of change that required me to get an adapter unit for my 2010 Volkswagen. Now the car talks to a box in the garage and it relays the command to the new garage door opener.

    Since your cars are brand new that's probably not the problem, but I thought I'd mention it.

  2. My 2005 Mercedes was able to be set up to control our garage door opener so I doubt you'll need any adapters. It was not straightforward but wasn't too difficult. It may require a team effort with you and your wife. It is because of the feature of newer openers that change the codes as a security feature.

  3. Phone up the homelink people, they may well know of a specific workaround as above.

  4. What KC Steve said. There are 2 versions of HomeLink systems. Sadly, not compatible with each other....

    Usually, for the price of the adapter, you can get a whole new garage door opener.

  5. Something to think about...if your car is stolen and the thieves have your address, they can walk right into your house through the garage. That's why I never programmed the garage door opener buttons on my mercury.


    1. Austin: thanks for the warning. If someone steals my car, there are like to get an unfriendly one response when they arrive at my house.