Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Drove By Myself Today

To a sppech therapy appointment.  All went well except when I fuelede the Jaguar.  I went into Stinker to buy a Coke and a Tornado (something deep fried, fattening, and yummy!).  I got into the Jaguar and drove off, stopping when I heard the fuel nozzle hoit the ground.  No fuel spiled, no damage, they really do idiot-proof these things!  Don't hand me your tactical nukes for a while!


  1. Those of us who dine from the roller grill are a desperate bunch, indeed. I like the pepperjack tornados and the sorta Chinese egg rolls myself, washed down with a 64 oz Diet Mountain Dew.

  2. Although I saw and read this post already yesterday, when I saw the headline just now I thought that you were saying you had seen your doppelganger/